[fusion_text]If you want to build an epic booty and you’re just getting started, then unfortunately the majority of suggestions found on the internet and social media such as 100 day squat challenges and Instagram model videos just aren’t going to cut it.

To build a good booty, there are three basic movements which should be incorporated into your routine which are the squat, deadlift and lunge. In order to show you how to perform these movements safely and with proper form I teamed up with Munya from Precision Performance Coaching and his lovely apprentice Annie to help explain and demonstrate these exercises.

First up is the squat. Squats are a compound movement, meaning they involve more than one muscle group and joints, and should be included in most good workout routines. It’s also a movement we mimic in our everyday lives, and we’ve been doing since we were babies. So mastering a good squat technique will not only help you to build your booty, it’s also help with strong legs overall, as well as your core if you’re learning to brace properly, and will help you to be able to lift yourself out of your seat as you get older.

In the first video of the series you’ll learn how to:

  • Perform a basic goblet squat
  • Perform a barbell back squat

Before we get started on squats, you first need to learn how to breathe properly through your diaphragm and brace your core. If this is something you’re unfamiliar with, please watch the below video on bracing first.

Once you’ve grasped how to brace and breathe properly for a lift, now you’re ready to learn some squats!

Goblet Squats

These are a great starting point to learn the basic squat movement pattern. If you’re unable to perform a barbell squat properly, go back to working on goblet squats with either or a kettlebell, dumbbells or even bodyweight if required.

To perform:

  • Squeeze the weight to help engage your lats and create tightness through your torso
  • Breathe in deeply into the diaphragm to help brace your core
  • Squat down, keeping your torso upright and making sure you drive out your knees forward and over your toes
  • Exhale as your push up and return to the start position

Barbell Squat

Once you’re mastered the movement, you can then move on to performing barbell squats. To perform the movement:

  • Set up the bar at shoulder height
  • Place your hands on the bar, gripping where ever is comfortable for you
  • Set the bar on your shoulders
  • Squeeze the bar and ensure your hips are sitting under the bar
  • Take a deep breath and brace, unrack the weight and step back
  • Set your feet up shoulder width apart, focusing on three point of contact in your feet: big toe, little toe and heel
  • Still bracing and breathing into your diaphragm, squat down, driving your knees out over your toes
  • Exhale as your come back up, driving your feet into the floor to ensure you are pushing through your legs

Next up in the series is the deadlift!

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