Mea Tea Co review

With my growing interest in herbs and herbal medicine, I was super excited to try out this new organic herbal tea range – Me Tea Co.

The range features six different handcrafted blends, each with a specific purpose. They include a unique mix of beneficial ingredients, including adaptogenic herbs, which also make them more of a natural medicinal drink – far from being your average supermarket aisle herbal tea.

Me Tea Co was created by functional nutritionist Katy, who’s also overcome her own health struggles via whole foods and nutrition, so she definitely knows her herbal blends. On the site, she also describes the purpose of the brand as being a way to relax and take time for ourselves everyday (not just sometimes) and enjoy a “me” moment – definitely something I support!

“I truly believe that a cup of tea is good for not just the body, but the soul too. And who doesn’t need a that.”

The range

Nourish Me

Me Tea Co Nourish Me Herbal tea

Nourish me is a gut loving, calming blend that is like a giant hug for your insides. It promotes recovery & relaxation whilst soothing digestive discomfort making it our favourite go to tea to nourish from the inside out.

Licorice Root, Peppermint, Calendula flowers & Lemon Balm

Cleanse Me

Cleanse Me Herbal Tea blend

Cleanse me is the tea you need when you just need to push the reset button on your day, your week or even your month. Its soothing properties make this blend perfect to combat stress, and support toxin eliminations. A total body & mind reset in a cup.

Fennel, Dandelion Root, Nettle, Spearmint, Schisandra Berry & Tulsi (two of my favourite adaptogens!)

Digest Me

Me Tea Co Digest Me Herbal Tea

Digest me is the ultimate ‘rest & digest’ tea. Actively reducing that post meal bloat, indigestion & cramps, it is your digestion buddy. This blend promotes a restful, less anxious gut that supports optimal digestive function. Happy gut = happy you.

Ginger Root, Peppermint, Fennel Seed, Spearmint, Aged Ripe Pu-erh & Lemon Balm

Heal Me

Me Tea Co Heal Me

Heal me is a friend for your immune system. This immune boosting blend is just the tonic when you are feeling in need of some extra love. Heal me aids recovery and supports stress making it your go to self care tea.
1 cup = 1 dose self love.

Echinacea, Ginger Root, Licorice Root, Cinnamon & Lemon Balm

Protect Me

Me Tea Co Protect Me Herbal Tea

Protect me is your period pick me up tea for those days when being female just ain’t that great. With support for cramping, aches & pains, & anti-inflammatory properties this is your PMS go to. Periods might not be fun, but this tea is a good time.

Ginger Root, Hibiscus Petals, Lemongrass & Calendula flowers
*Please speak to your healthcare professional if pregnant

Refresh Me

Me Tea Co Refresh Me Herbal Tea

Refresh me is like the perfect minty morning kiss, all fresh and revitalising for the day ahead. This Moroccan inspired blend packs an energetic punch with gunpowder green tea providing a metabolic & antioxidant boost. Start today with Refresh Me.

Gunpowder Green Tea, Peppermint, Spearmint & Rose Petals

The Verdict

I honestly love the Me Tea Co range and the philosophy behind it of using a daily cup of tea as a self care tool to make sure we take time for ourselves. I also think herbal teas, and especially these blends, are a great way to easily incorporate natural health and herbal medicine as an easy solution for everyday ailments. Plus, who doesn’t love a relaxing cup of tea!

They’re also available in a mini sample range of all six teas which is perfect if you want to try them all – or want to have them all on hand for when they’re needed (which is my preference!)

Katy has also been kind enough to offer me a discount code for 20% (!) off for anyone wishing to purchase, SOPHIE20. If you’re also wanting to know more about Katy and what she does (or even book a consult with her) check out her gorgeous website The Nourished Project.

Me Tea Co


Katy / The Nourished Project



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