I am a huge fan of ATP Science products and their natural and integrative approach to health care the supplement industry. Their team includes qualified, and vastly experienced, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Homeopaths, and Scientists and so it makes sense that they now offer personalised health practitioner consultations too. As everyone is different, an individualised approach is the key to great health and it’s therefore important to speak to someone with the right knowledge and experience who can help you work out what is recommended for you specifically.

I was recently offered the opportunity to book in a consultation with one of their health practitioners, Nicole, and was definitely excited for this! A consultation time was made and booked in, and prior to the appointment I was sent in some information to fill out about myself.

The consultation

The consultation ran just under an hour and was conducted via a video conference call. I initially thought that it might be weird having a health consult which wasn’t face to face, but I found Nicole super friendly and easy to talk to, so this wasn’t an issue at all. Throughout the consultation she was able to ask me further questions based on the information I submitted and I had more of a chance to talk through things too.

For those who don’t know, I’ve been diagnosed with two chronic illnesses (Narcolepsy and Ankylosing Spondylitis) however through a lot of constant research, trial and error and lifestyle adjustments I’ve been able to manage these conditions quite well, but there’s always room for improvement.

My main focus for the call was to discuss these in further with Nicole, along with the strategies I’ve successfully implemented, as well as both looking at where I can continue to improve my health and also continue to boost my energy levels (which probably remain one of the worst symptoms for me, though still a lot better than they used to be). It was also interesting to look at my health history, and also get some feedback and other ideas on potential triggers for these conditions; as anyone with a chronic/autoimmune illness will understand, sometimes it’s the lack of answers and causes that is really frustrating.

Following the consultation the team also sends you all the information discussed, so there’s no need to take notes during the call.

My consultation results and action plan

For me she thought working on my gut health was the best place to focus on, and recommended another course of gut right, as well as some other overall recommendations. As part of the consultation they are also able to recommend and analyse further testing (one of which I also intend to do) if required/desired, as well as which products they think will best be suited for you.

So for me, I’ll be starting the Gut Right 10 day protocol and specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) from today, which I’ll also be sharing on my socials as I go and fully reviewing again at the end too.

ATP Science Gut Right Review The Beautiful Existence

My overall thoughts

Obviously it is slightly different talking to a health practitioner who works for a brand than one who is independent as they are going to offer recommendations of that brand’s products. However I really think that’s no issue for ATP Science as they have a wide range of products, made from herbal and natural ingredients (including my favourites – adaptogens), which I do believe would be beneficial for a wide range of conditions.

I’ve recommended various products of theirs before to friends and family, as well as reviewing on this site (and no – I’m not sponsored by them!), and so I’d definitely also recommend this service as I think it’s really important to speak to someone qualified to get the best advice on what is suited to you.

How to book an ATP Science Health Practitioner Consultation

Booking a consult is super easy, all your need to do is head over to their relevant website page (linked here) and book in.

Consultations are priced at $89.95, for approximately 45 minutes, and anyone who’s booked in for health consultations before will know how well priced this is!

If you have any questions too, you can also email the team directly at [email protected].

To find out more about ATP Science you can read some of my previous reviews (click on each link to read): Gut Right, Mallow Bar and Cort RX and also the brand directly via the links below. If you’re also wanting to try out any of their products for yourself too, you can shop directly from their website, or also at your local ASN store or online, and if you do don’t forget to use my code SOPHIE10 for 10% off (ASN code only)

Website: au.atpscience.com
Facebook: @atpscience
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