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No matter who we are, where we come from, how great our lives may be or how positive may try to be, we all go through hard times in life at one stage or another. From anxiety, to depression, to stressful jobs to general life worries, one thing that always helps in these times is the support of those close to you.

I recently came across and unique and amazing gifting service which is such a lovely idea to support those close to you in times of need and help to cheer them up. We can’t solve other people’s problems for them, but simply letting them know you care is so powerful.

B.OK ideas describe themselves as a “gifting movement with the purpose to support people who are going through a tough time or experiencing stressful periods, depression or anxiety”. Gift boxes are curated seasonally, with the message to “live each season with a reason”, and are hand curated for each recipient.

I recently received the Autumn box, and I was so delighted to receive it! I already thought the idea and concept was amazing, but the actual box and selection of items was just so cleverly thought out and planned. The box isn’t just designed as a simple gift, but with notes and activities to help offer the recipient up to 63 days of support – which is so much more thoughtful than a simple box of chocolates or flowers (though these are lovely too).

As I unboxed, there were various envelopes and notes to discover, including a personalised message, an advent calendar of activities, a checklist of positive things to do this Autumn, an amazing smelling candle, an essential oil, socks, a colouring book and some other goodies to match the advent calendar.

I think it’s honestly not just an amazing gift to give someone when they’re going through a tough time, but just in general too. It would also make a lovely gift to yourself – because self care is just as important! Plus, 10% of each sale goes to a B.OK partner charity too.


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