Peony Parcel In Bloom Subscription Box Review

At the best of times, subscriptions boxes and gift delivery services are a great way to enjoy treating yourself and those you care about. I recently came across the brand Peony Parcel, who specialise in gorgeous self care boxes. There’s no better time than now too, to treat yourself to some pamper time, or surprise a loved one if your life too.

What it contains:

I received the latest In Bloom edition box, which contains over $140 worth of goodies, and was delighted by what was inside. The box contains:

Dilly’s Collections luxury hair turban

Hair turbans are actually one of my new found obsessions. I recently discovered them when visiting family in the UK last year and my lovely Aunty bought one for me to use while I was there. As I have quite long, thick hair it takes a while to dry, and so it’s super handy to use hair turban to kick start the drying process while I finish getting ready and make breakfast.

This one included is a super soft version too that I can’t wait to start using!

Baji Skincare rosehip oil

In Ayurveda oils are an essential part of self care, so much so that the sanskrit word for oil, ‘sneha’, also means love. I love using various facial and body skincare oils, and so I’m looking forward to trying this one too. It’s also full size (28ml), and mad from premium organic Australian natives like lilly pilly and Kakadu Plum.

Be Fraiche skincare face cream & tea cleanser

During this time of self isolation, makeup wearing will be drastically decreasing however I think most of us will be still focusing the same, if not more, on our skincare routine. I’m predicting we all emerge from this time with more of an appreciation for natural, radiant beauty! As a huge tea drinker I love that this natural range contains tea, as well as other skin loving plant extracts and goodies. The face cream is full sized (50ml) and the cleanser is travel size (50ml).

Bee One of a Kind shine body oil

This was one of my favourite looking products from the box which I’m excited to try (I think I’m a sucker for anything with a glimmer or sparkle). Another natural oil, this is a travel sized body oil which not only illuminates skin but also heals and nourishes it with Vitamin E. This is one I’ll be saving for a special occasion (so basically any time we’re finally allowed to venture out of the house soon!)

Liylah and Winnie hair clip

I’m pretty useless with doing anything exciting with my hair aside from straight down, a get things done bun (you know the one), ponytail or hot weather, sweat minimising gym plaits. This clip is super cute though, so I’ll be using it to add some kawaii to my daily look!

Nurturing Nature Cards

Another of my faves from the box, this is a gift card which can also be planted! As a huge gardening fan it’s no surprise why I love this one; it’s such a cool idea! This card will grow into native Swan River Daisies – so cute!

Wellness Planner

I love a good to do list and planner. This one has two parts: “Things to do that make me happy” and “Things to do this week”, so I’ll be using this as my high level weekly productivity and happiness planning sheet!

Loco Love Chocolate

Of course, last but not least…and in fact, my favourite! Yes, I’m a simple girl; I can always be won over with chocolate.  This brand uses plant based, whole food ingredients as well as super food and herbs – so I’ll definitely be checking out more from this brand. The one I got was black cherry and raspberry with schisandra (one of my favourite adaptogens) and was happily devoured with coffee while writing this post!

How does it work?

So if you’re looking to treat yourself to a little pick me up, Peony Parcel offers a subscription option which is delivered every three months, at $69.95 per box. Or, if you’d like a one off treat or to surprise someone too, then you can also order a one off. Plus, they also offer add on’s if you’re after a little extra too. Check out their website here for more info and to order.

My thoughts

I really loved receiving and opening this box. I’m a huge fan of self care as well as natural beauty products, gardening, adaptogens and chocolate – so everything here was perfect for me. I think subscription boxes are such a nice surprise to get too, and also a great way of discovering new products and brands. So overall, I’d definitely recommend Peony Parcel to anyone looking to treat themselves, or someone they love (or both!)



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