Pro-Treat Protein Dessert review

I don’t know about you, but I’m so good with my diet throughout the day but when it comes to night I just get the urge to let loose! As I’ve been trying to get back into properly dieting recently (#thestruggleisreal), I’ve also been trying to think of solutions to curb those night-time cravings.

Just as I’d been trying to plan my macros and work out a solution, I saw this new product launch at ASN Evolve Pro-Treat Protein Desserts! I thought it looked great, and while I’ve tried a few different protein desserts before, most of them didn’t tend to agree with me – but I wanted to give this a shot. Advertised as a high protein, guilt free dessert it definitely seemed perfectly what I was looking for!

Luckily my local ASN Melbourne had a sample day for launch so I could try, but as soon as I tried out I loved it and just decided to buy some anyway before waiting to see how I felt – yolo! It’s generally casein based products which I don’t digest well, but looking at the ingredients it actually didn’t seem to be included. It does contain milk products though which I’m also not the best with, but as the quote I often see on social media goes “I’ve never met anyone who is lactose intolerant who is serious about their lactose intolerance”, and this is definitely me! I’ve actually been ok digesting it so far, so if you also have similar issues I recommend still giving this a try.

Evolve Pro-Treat 4 pack bundle


So, what actually does it contain, and what are the flavours?

According to Evolve, “high-quality, slow-digesting protein powder, glutamine, precursors and BCAAs”, with 21g of protein and 120 cal’s per serve – pretty good for a late night snack!

The flavours it’s available in (super important point!) are chocolate, banana, salted caramel and coconut caramel. I’ve tried all except the coconut caramel; banana was my favourite (banana protein shakes are a highly underrated flavour in my opinion) followed by the salted caramel. Chocolate I liked, but I find chocolate flavoured anything never really measures up to the real thing, so I’d recommend trying other flavours first. I only bought the chocolate and banana, but I’ll definitely be back to stock up on the other two as well!


Pro-Treat ingedients and macros

How do you make it?

To make it all you simply need to do is mix a scoop with water, and it has a thick, creamy custard like texture. I find that I prefer with slightly less water than recommended. The promo pictures and mine above also all feature decked out smoothie bowl style creations which are great when you want to go out, but just remember to be mindful of extra calories when creating this way (the same with smoothie bowls!). The majority of the time I’ve just been enjoying it just mixed on it’s own in a glass ready to go, which would also be the perfect quick and easy snack solution for at work too.

Where can you buy Pro-Treat?

Finally, I definitely recommend this product in general to anyone who has the same nighttime snack urges as I do, and Pro-Treat can be purchased from your local ASN store on online. Each tub is $29.95 each (and includes 10 serves), or they also have launch bundle offers of 2 for $50 or all 4 for $99. Plus don’t forget to mention my blog instore or use the code SOPHIE10 when shopping online for a discount!


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