X50 Lean Whey Protein Caramel Popcorn review

I really love all of the products from X50, and their Lean Whey protein is no exception! A high quality whey protein which is a blend of 80% whey isolate and 20% whey concentrate, it’s also loaded full of other goodies to help support muscle growth, repair and recovery and help you reach your body composition goals.

X50 Lean Whey Ingredients

It includes 24g of protein per serve, as well as a thermogenic ingredients, vitamins, minerals and aminos so it’s really packed full of goodness, while still being low carb and low sugar.

The thermogenic blend includes Acetyl L-Carnitine, green tea extract and green coffee extract – all of which are super star ingredients for aiding the fat burning process. I don’t believe in “fat burners” as an individual product, however if your diet and training is on point then ingredients like these can definitely help you maximise your results. Aside from fat burning which it’s mainly known for, L-carnitine works by moving fatty acids from the blood into the mitochondria therefore helping to use fat as fuel and overall create energy. It also helps to reduce fatigue and build endurance by reducing the build up of lactic acid.

The added 24 different vitamins and minerals and amino acid blend then works to increase the rate of protein absorption to allow for maximum protein synthesis for lean muscle growth and repair. After all, you aren’t what you eat – you are what your body can absorb! There’s seriously so many superstar ingredients they’ve included, so I’ll let you check out the full list here:

X50 Lean Whey ingredients

My thoughts

X50 Lean Whey comes in 4 different delicious flavours, Cinnamon Donut, Caramel Popcorn, Chocolate Flake Thickshake and Vanilla Ice Cream. I’ve been trying out the caramel popcorn flavour and it’s as amazing as it sounds! I’m really impressed with the quality of this protein, not only does it taste incredible, without any fake/overly sweet flavours (those who’ve tried lots of different protein powders know what I mean) but it also blends and digests super well too. I can get bloated pretty easily from dairy, so that’s a big plus for me with a whey protein powder. I also like to pimp out my protein shake with extras like greens powders and maca, so I also need it to have a great flavour too to combine well with the other tastes.

Overall, another great product from the team at X50 and one you should definitely add into your supplement routine! You can purchase direct from the X50 website here, along with their other great products such as Revolver Coffee, Green Tea X50 Matcha and Brocolli Chips (may sound weird, but they’re aaaamazing) which I also love and also use code SophieJ for a nice little discount! Or you can also purchase from your local ASN store or online with the code SOPHIE10 too!

X50 Lean Whey Caramel Whey Protein Review


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