ATP Science GutRight Daily flavoured review

One of my main points to come from my online consultation with ATP Science health practitioner Nicole (which you can read about here), was to continue to focus on my gut health.

ATP Science has recently released an updated and raspberry flavoured version of one of their key products, GutRight. I’ve tried the original product, and thought this would be a great time to do the protocol again and also give the new GutRight Daily a try.

My experience

Let me start by saying I didn’t actually mind the taste of the original GutRight (I recommend checking out my original review/run down of this product here), but I know a lot of people (hi mum) hated it. I was actually hesitant to try the flavoured version as sometimes flavours of certain products can be too “fake”, but this one was great. It mixed a lot better than the original and with a slightly thicker consistency, and the overall taste and texture reminded me of raspberry coulis.

When I tried the original I did do the diet, but I wasn’t super strict, so this time I decided to try and do properly. The GutRight Diet protocol and Specific Carbohydrate Diet is definitely hard to follow, but the best idea is to just focus on the foods you can eat, and know that it’s only for 10 days.

ATP Science Gutright Daily Diet

My meals consisted mainly of: eggs, NoWay protein shake, chicken & cauliflower rice, chicken & spinach, fruits (except bananas), bolognaise & zoodles…and more fruit. I generally don’t have much dairy, but I definitely missed carbs and my soy milk coffees too.

I found that generally I didn’t seem to get the same “results” as the original one, but overall I did feel just a lot “cleaner” and without ever feeling heavy from food. I am lucky to not suffer from too much bloating or noticable digestive issues, but I also do avoid a lot of foods which I know aren’t the best for me. I also notice it did bring on my period earlier too.

I was doing this with my friend Paula too, who also noticed both of the same effects (you can read her review here). I asked ATP Science to clarify. They said that the results can be due to the different ingredients in the new daily formulation, as they can give less of the herxheimer reaction (die off effects), and that also generally the results you see can depends on what’s going on in your system at the time. As for getting our periods, they also said that this as normal and actually a good sign, as it signals that detoxification pathways are working.

ATP Science GutRight Daily vs original ingredients

My thoughts

Although I saw a more subtle effects than when I used the original, I still think it’s a great product to use. I don’t think that anyone can fix their gut health in just 10 days (which isn’t what the company is saying either), but it’s a great starting point. Personally, I would recommend using the original formulation for the initial 10 days and then using the new GutRight Daily as a maintenance dose (unless you really can’t stand the original!).

You can purchase GutRight direct from ATP Science, or also from ASN online (don’t forget to use my code SOPHIE10 for 10% off at ASN).


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