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I remember first coming across air fryers around 8 years ago when I was working in an electrical department. I thought the idea was amazing, but the price point of the original product was around $500 (I can’t remember exactly) – so a lot more than what I wanted to pay. I thought I’d wait until the price dropped or there were cheaper alternatives…and it doesn’t seem until recently that they’ve started popping up again and really gaining popularity!

Like most other people I freakin LOVE Kmart, so I was definitely excited to see they’d launched an air fryer too. I know some electrical items are worth spending more money on, but I’d used other Kmart kitchen appliances before and they worked fine! Plus, at the cheap price tag of $69 it wasn’t a huge risk, especially for a product I wasn’t sure if I’d use a lot. I had a quick check of other reviews online, and this one actually came out on top vs a lot of the more expensive options – so I was definitely sold!

What is an air fryer?

So before I get started on the Kmart air fryer review, for those who are wondering what an air fryer is – it is basically a healthier version of a deep fryer, which utilises a rapid circulation of hot air to “fry” your food, so only a minimal amount of oil is needed.

How do you use an air fryer?

It took me a while to use this product as the instructions made it seem complicated (maybe just because I’m from a generation who typically hates to read instructions), however it’s actually super simple to use!

It comes with a lot of auto settings, so all you basically need to do is plug it in, turn it on and select the option you want, or you can also easily adjust the time and temperature settings too. The guide also suggested allowing it to preheat for a few minutes first, which I’ve found hasn’t made a huge difference for the food I’ve cooked so far.


I’ve also found it’s ideal to oil the tray it comes in (more for the food rather than sticking, as the pan seems pretty non stick) as well as drizzle a bit on to keep it from drying out – similar to how you would for food you’d roast in the oven.

You can also check or flip your food throughout the process, simply pull out the tray and the device will stop until it’s put back in again.

My thoughts:

First up – I’m definitely impressed with this machine and the price tag! For the food and recipes I’ve tried so far (mainly fried chicken using a low carb crumb, and chips) it seems to be similar to an oven, just slightly crispier. Most air fryers claim you only need around a tsp of oil, but I think it really depends on what you’re cooking. As mentioned above, I think it’s probably ideal to use the same amount of cooking oil you would for roasting, to prevent the food from drying out.

Kmart air fryer recipe

The huge bonus I’ve found though is the reduction in cooking time; I can use it to quickly cook dinner in about 15 minutes vs an oven alternative which would take up to 45 minutes – definitely a win for those hangry after work feels.

One con is the size of the appliance; it’s quite bulky (though all air fryers are), so if you low on space like I am or if you’re not sure if you’ll use that often then that’s something to consider. So far though, I’ve been using at least once or twice a week since I bought, which is a lot more than some appliances I’ve bought in the past!

I’m not sure how it compares against the more expensive options, however I don’t see how they can be much different, or worth the price tag for an additional appliance item (which honestly, you may not use much). I think if you’re wanting traditionally deep fried foods, then it’s probably best just to use a deep fryer, but if you’re wanting a healthier alternative and also an easy way to quickly cook up dinner with a nice crunch – then the Kmart air fryer is definitely worth the minimal investment!


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