How you spend your Sunday can often determine the whole week ahead. Most of us all have busy schedules, so being organised and planning ahead is crucial for having a successful week which runs as smoothly as possible!

1. Have a slow and relaxing morning

Easy like Sunday morning?! Yes please! Sunday is my favourite day to sleep in longer, and even though it’s often quite a busy day for me it’s one where I don’t like to rush.

It’s also the perfect day for a delicious breakfast treat; these chocolate chip protein pancakes are one of my favourites!


2. Meal prep

Once I’m fuelled and ready to go, it’s full steam ahead with meal prep! I honestly hate doing meal prep, but I never skip it. It really doesn’t take that much time, and it not only saves you time (and money) for the week but also helps you stay on track with healthy and nutritious meals.

If you’re not sure where to start with meal prep, don’t be scared! Check out my simple guide of how to do here.

meal prep

3. Clean the house

Cleaning the house is another thing I hate to do (no surprises there) but I can’t relax when the house is messy and untidy. Cleaning the house has a whole cleansing effect, and is like a reset for a fresh new week ahead.

Plus after you’ve finished prepping, you’re probably going to have a decent mess to clean!

racoon cleaning

4. Plan your week ahead

Just as prepping your meals for the week ahead sets you up with planned healthy meals for the week, planning your time and schedule for the week helps to set you up for success in general.

Writing down a to-do list helps to not only remember important tasks, but I also find once I write them down it saves me stressing over and constantly thinking about everything I have to do.

The next step is to then schedule in tasks, ideally based on priority. I also find that scheduling them in for a certain day/time also helps to stop stressing and thinking about what I need to.

dog planning

5. Schedule some downtime

Just as scheduled rest days are vital for optimal training performance, making time to rest in general is also just as important for your overall well-being.

Once you’ve completed all of your preparation and organisation for the week, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your Sunday too.

Active rest is also a great option such as a Sunday stroll or some super relaxing yoga and stretching.

relaxing dog

6. Make time for self-care and pampering

I don’t know about you, but doing a face mask and my nails really makes me feel like I have my life together.

Just as I like to clean the house for a fresh start to the week, I also like to do the same for my body too.

Of course, your idea of self care is totally personal. For me, I love to tan and paint my nails for the week ahead, but your idea may be a book and cup of tea in bed, or catching up with family and friends!

relaxing dog

7. Get an early night

If you want to have as much energy as possible for the week ahead, then sleep is a must!

It’s one thing a lot of people skip on and often a generally overlooked part of health and fitness – but it’s vital! Plus, it’s not only one of the best things we can do for our health and well being, it’s also FREE!

sleepy dog

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Seven Sunday Habits for a Successful and Productive Week




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