It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of ATP Science products and so I was super excited to be sent their amazing new Noway Mallow Bars to try! Having just come back from two months holiday and now getting back into a healthier and more organised eating routine these have just launched at the perfect time. I’m a big believer that “diets” should still consist of foods you enjoy, as well as the occasional treat too and these bars are the perfect guilt free solution!

So, what ARE ATP Science Noway Mallow Bars?

As you might’ve guessed, they’re mallowy (ATP Science confirmed that yes, this is indeed a word!) bars of goodness which are unlike any protein bar I’ve come across before. Each bar contains 21 grams protein, 5.6g fibre and only 2.5g sugar, and are also free of artificial sweeteners and flavours. They’re currently available in 3 flavours: Minted Mint Choc, Pineapple Chump Choc and Berry Attack Choc Chip, with 2 other flavours, Vanilla Choc and Banana Choc, launching soon.

The standout ingredients are Bodybalance Bovine Collagen Peptides, Belgian chocolate chunks (extra yum!) and tryptophan. Collagen is quickly becoming a popular health supplement and ingredient for it’s range of health benefits and is a key component of our connective tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin) and bone health, and so is a great added bonus in a snack! To learn more about collagen check out my article: 7 Health & Beauty Benefits of Collagen.

I also love the inclusion of tryptophan, an essential amino acid which is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It’s also a precursor for serotonin, the happiness hormone, which aside from making you feel good can also help with relaxation and sleep – so these bars are the perfect nighttime sweet treat!ATP Science Noway Mallow Bar review nutrition info

The verdict: Noway Mallow Bars review

Texture is a highly underrated part of food, and for me the Noway Mallow bars really nail it with the soft, mallowy goodness! Marshmallows are just one of those foods too which are just so fun to eat, so I love the innovative idea of making a protein bar in a similar texture.

Of course the bars taste amazing, and the addition of chocolate chunks too is like an extra bonus surprise in each bite! As they don’t use any sugar alcohols or artificial sweetners I found that they also digested well and didn’t give me that sickly/weird feeling that some artificially sweetened/no sugar products can give.

Overall these are a huge tick from me: great taste and texture, packed full of protein, low sugar, high in fibre, no added nasties and also with the added bonus of collagen peptides and tryptophan too. Definitely one to add to your weekly meal plan!

ATP Science Noway Mallow Bar review 3

Where can I find ATP Science Noway Mallow Bars?

They launched yesterday (November 11) and so are now available instore and online and all major supplement and health retailers in AUS and NZ, such as Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) (don’t forget to use my code SOPHIE10 for discount!) and online at ATP Science website.

For more about ATP Science and their products, check out my previous review on Gutright and CortRX and make sure you give them a follow on Instagram @atpscience and Facebook too!



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