Alyssa is one of those gorgeous romantic souls, in every sense of the word. As a digital marketing coordinator in the bridal industry by day, writer by night AND founder of female networking group and community My Go 2 Gal, she definitely keeps herself busy!

I first come across Alyssa via her instagram, @alyssahowritings and loved her work. I was then super excited when I came across her group too, as the vibe was totally what I’m about too – strong women supporting other women!

So, it’s safe to say I’m definitely a fan of all that Alyssa is about, which is why I chose her as one of the amazing women who inspires me to interview and feature (and hopefully inspire others too!)

my go to gal alyssa ho

Your main instagram account @alyssahowritings is where I first discovered you, so let’s start there! What inspired you to start writing?

I credit my love for writing to my late grandfather. Growing up, he always used to take me to the library and from there it became something I looked forward to and a place that I truly got lost in. I gained a love for reading and then I decided I wanted to someday write my own stuff. In highschool, I just started writing about my emotions and experiences but in a way that every person who read it could relate to. As time went on, I developed a passion for writing inspirational and motivational pieces on life and love because I saw that it helped people realise that they’re not alone and it really made a difference to their lives.

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Apart from writing, what is your typical “day job” and what has been your career journey so far?

My 9-5, at present, is as a digital marketing co-ordinator for a bridal company. I spend most days on outreach to industry blogs and magazines, following up on comms, writing, pitching our features to print and digital professionals and thinking about creative online campaigns. This was following an internship, shortly after I graduated from uni, at a PR agency so it’s safe to say I’m slowly finding my feet in terms of my career and this is just the beginning for me really. I see myself, besides from my side projects that I can eventually run full time, establishing myself in the marketing, social media and events industry.

my go to gal alyssa ho writings

What advice do you have to offer other people who are wishing to follow their passions, but are hesitant to do so?

Just go for it and don’t let fear of the unknown and fear of potential failure continue for your dream to only exist as that. I believe that life, and our deepest of passions, need to be explored, no matter whether we succeed at first or not, as it’s an escape that we so need from this world. Do what you love and don’t worry about whether it’ll work or not. It’s a journey and one that is going to fill you with so much excitement as much as it’ll overwhelm you, but if it’s something that you can’t stop thinking about or you know you’ll always think “What if?” just take that first step, that tiny leap of faith. Don’t worry about what happens next, just take that initial baby step and go with the flow!

my go to gal alyssa ho writings

With the gift of hindsight, what lessons have you learnt and what practical advice would you suggest for those people looking to take a leap of faith?

It can be so scary to put yourself out there and showcase your passion with the rest of the world, but my advice is to not let other people, or even yourself, push you to the point of inaction. What I mean by that, is to not be so afraid that you could sink or swim that you do nothing at all with your dream, that you somewhat abandon it. Realise that you want to make something of yourself and that you want to achieve great things in this lifetime. Appreciate that you want to inspire people and simply make a change in someway. Remind yourself of how magical that is and then just go for it. People may or may not have something to say, they may or may not be watching your every move and secretly hoping you’ll fail and you may or may not get to where you want straight away, but this is the case for every single person who has been in pursuit of the goals. Take the risks, block out the negativity and do everything it takes. Do this for you and because you deserve to see your vision come to life.

my go to gal alyssa ho writings

As a creative, where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from the beautiful human beings that I have in my life, that I am fortunate to cross paths with and those who reach out to me. When it comes to my writing, I love writing pieces that I know so many people can read and feel that someone just gets it. When people open up to me or I sadly see them go through really difficult situations, I write things that I know will not only help them but so many others. I draw inspiration from my past experiences and emotions, and I think of what I can put forth to the people who read my work to guide them through it because I know how hard it was for me when I was in that go to gal alyssa ho writings

You also have another passion project, My Go to Gal, can you explain what this group is about?

My Go To Gal is simply a group for women that seeks to bring us together to make new girlfriends and gives us a safe, welcoming and loving space to ask for, and give, advice. I started this since we go so many similar emotions and experiences, that it’s so important for us to be there for one another and to well and truly band together. I believe in the power of women and I just wanted to create a community that makes us all feel a part of something. As an adult, it can often become so hard to make new gal pals or simply confide in your own about the things that they’ve heard a million times over, so MGTG was created in the hopes that we could all unite to ensure each and every single one of us is included and heard.

my go to gal alyssa ho writings

What inspired you to start this group, and how does it differ to other female networking groups?

I was inspired to start this group because it broke my heart knowing that so many women didn’t have that strong and empowering circle of ladies to fall back on whether they’re going through a breakup, have moved to a new state or country or are experiencing career troubles, friendship problems or just any type of personal and emotionally testing experience. I started MGTG because I truly believed in the power of friendship and how influential and impactful it could be in changing someone’s life. The group is different from other female networking groups in the sense that it truly focuses on connecting with one another on a personal and meaningful level and forming long-lasting friendships. I think the group encourages us to put ourselves out there, with no hidden motives like trying to promote our business or bring people on as potential customers and clients, to simply just make new friends. Majority of our gals are millennials and I think that’s so beautifully significant and powerful because there aren’t a lot of groups that are designed purely for that niche and you’d be so surprised at how passionate everyone, at such a young age, is about women empowerment and encouragement.

my go to gal alyssa ho writings

Why do you think female networking groups are so important?

I think female networking groups are so important because I really do believe that when us women come together, we really can achieve some amazing things. To support one another, be there for one another and really cheer one another on, without questioning ourselves and our own place in this world, is so needed and necessary. I think we all have a role and responsibility to act as sisters to one another. Gone are the days of competing and belittling one another, I think we’ve stepped into a time where us women realise the importance in banding together and really seeing that we are so similar and it’s time to embrace that.

my go to gal alyssa ho writings

Finally, what is one of our favourite inspirational quotes?

I am proudly obsessed with Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) and just anything she has to say. One of my favourite quotes is from her book, Big Magic:

Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart”

my go to gal alyssa ho writings

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