Coffee in general will always hold a special place in my heart, but Before You Speak Coffee especially does! For those of you who have been following me for a while, you may remember that last Christmas I lost my sense of taste for about two months. The only Christmas miracle I had was that I could taste a little bit of few different things: raspberries, mint, orange, Kraken Spiced Rum and Before You Speak Coffee (come to think of it….these are all quite Christmassy flavours!) Unsurprisingly, it was also the first Christmas where I actually lost weight…but back to the review!

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To be honest, I didn’t really see how you BYSC could improve on their original offering any more than they already had…but they have, and with not one but THREE new product offerings!

Before You Speak Coffee – what’s new:

The first are additional flavours – Caramel & Cinnamon, on their base coffee, which if you haven’t seen before contains super brain boosting ingredients such as MCT oil, turmeric, Siberian ginseng, black pepper, green coffee bean extract and of course, single origin Colombian Arabica coffee. For more about this coffee check out my original review here, but I can definitely say that the new Caramel flavour is also 100% recommended (and maybe even better than the original!). I haven’t tried the Cinnamon (yet…though this flavour I can definitely see being a Christmas favourite for me too) but I’m sure it’s also incredible.

Alongside a flavour addition, they also recently launched a new collagen coffee, Glow, which boasts a range of different goodies to not only wake you up but also for healthy skin, hair and nails! Does your average corner cafe, or God forbid, 711 coffee offer that – I don’t think so!

Before You Speak Glow Collagen Coffee Review
Before You Speak Glow Coffee may not magically turn you into Rachel Dillon, but it can help your own glow up!

So let’s take a look into the ingredients they chose to include:

Marine Collagen

First up, as the product name suggests, is marine collagen. I recently shared a super in-depth article on collagen and all of its health benefits, not just for skin, which I recommend checking out here – so you can fully understand the important role it plays in our health.

But to quickly summarise: collagen is the most abundant protein found in our bodies, made up of amino acids (mainly glycine, lysine and proline) and plays an important role in building and maintaining our bodies connective tissues, such as our joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and skin.

Our bodies do produce collagen naturally, however this declines as we age and as this production is slowed down we see the effects via wrinkles, dull skin, loss of bone density, joint pain due to the reduction of cartilage (which collagen helps to create). So for those of you who are over the ripe old age of 30, like myself, then it’s important to understand how to keep optimal levels of collagen in your body.

Researchers believe that supplementing collagen helps it to accumulate in your tissues, so aside from also preventing the negative effects that a decline in collagen may cause, boosting your levels can help it’s natural role even further. This means softer, wrinkle free skin, healthy hair and nails (it can also help to stimulate growth) as well as optimal joint, heart, muscle and even gut health.

And why marine collagen? According to BYSC on their website:

“The reason we chose this exact marine collagen is because it contains higher levels of type I and III collagen (the type for skin, nails and hair) and it is absorbed up to 150% better.”

MCT Oils

An ingredient kept from the original, along with coffee of course, is MCT. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides and are the fats found in coconut oil (which is what helps to make coconut oil amazing too). We all (hopefully) know by now that fats are nothing to be afraid of, and MCT oil especially is great in the morning for helping to boost your brain power and improve your mood (which is what we all definitely need first thing!)


Probably another ingredient you’ve seen listed in skin, hair and nail supplements and creams is Silica.

Silica is a mineral which makes quartz, sand and is also the most abundant mineral in our Earth’s crust. In humans, it plays an important role in the production of collagen and therefore also helps against thinning hair, brittle nails and 1

Camu Camu

Move over acai, there’s a new Amazonian berry superfood in town! Camu camu is a cherry like fruit which grows in bushy trees in the Amazon, which like acai has a range of health boosting properties.

The highlight is it’s high amount of Vitamin C, which along with its own benefits, also helps with collagen absorption and synthesis in the body.

It also contains other beneficial minerals such as potassium, magnesium, manganese, amino acids and carotenoids and helps boost our health as an anti-oxidant as well as our general health, energy levels and well-being. It also contains gallic acid and ellagic acid which are also anti-viral (something I’m especially interested in at the moment), with ellagic acid also being currently researched as a potential anti-cancer ingredient.


Biotin, or B7, is a water soluble B vitamin which helps our body convert food into energy. The name comes from the Greek word “biotos” which translates to “life”/ “sustenance” – so you can probably tell already it’s vital for our health.

It also plays an important role in the health of our bodies, especially our skin, hair, eyes, liver and nervous system. It’s also super important for pregnant women as it is used in embryo growth.

Plus it also helps to boost cognitive performance…another much needed benefit when you’re reaching for coffee!


Proline is considered a non-essential amino acid (which means our bodies produce some of this ourselves) however supplementation can be beneficial to ensure we have adequate levels. It plays a role in tissue repair, atherosclerosis prevention and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

As mentioned above, it’s one of the amino acids which is involved in the formation and synthesis of collagen (and keratin)…so it’s interesting to see BYSC not only include collagen as an ingredient, but the building blocks for it too.


Another amino acid involved in collagen production, lysine is considered an essential amino acid (as our bodies don’t produce it naturally).

Apart from helping to create collagen, it also plays its own important role in creating digestive enzymes, antibodies and protein hormones. It also helps in calcium absorption, so works alongside collagen in maintaining bone health.

Lysine helps to reduce acne, inflammation and as a natural treatment for cold sores – so you can see it’s also super beneficial for our skin too!

Before You Speak Glow Coffee Review coffee gif

Vitamin B6

An anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, Vitamin B6 also plays a role in collagen synthesis.

A deficiency in B6 can cause seborrheic dermatitis (a rash which leaves your skin and scalp scaly, flakey and itchy) and cracked lips, so it’s important to ensure we have enough of this to also keep our skin and scalp healthy too!

It also plays a role in the production of neurotransmitters serotonin (the happy hormone) and GABA (calming) as well as helping to boost our immune system.

Single Origin Colombian Arabica Coffee

Of course, coffee! Single original Colombian Arabica coffee is the highest quality coffee on the planet, according to BYSC, so when it comes down to it – it’s also just an amazingly good brew!


In a coffee full of health boosting properties, they definitely aren’t going to include anything which isn’t beneficial, and so it’s naturally sweetened with Stevia leaf. Stevia also has health benefits too, with studies showing it can also help to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Did you also know: sugar can lead to wrinkles, as it binds to collagen molecules (in a process called glycation) which stop it from functioning properly!

Before You Speak Glow Collagen Coffee Review

Before You Speak Glow Collagen Coffee – The Verdict

Looking at the ingredients, you can clearly see it’s not just an amazing coffee with collagen, but the BYSC team have also included a range of ingredients which work to help boost production and work synergistically with collagen, as well as their own skin and general well-being properties on their own.

Taste wise it still tastes amazing, though I do prefer the original flavours slightly more, but for all of health benefits listed above it’s one I’ll definitely be gulping down on the regular!

It’s stocked at ASN, and you can purchase in either a 7 serve sachet for $19.95 (good if you want to try it out first…they also have these for the other coffees now too) or a box of 30 sachets (more my style) for $69.95. It may seem like a lot, but it works out to only be around $2.33 per serve (based on the 30 box) which is still SO much cheaper than your average store bought coffee and SO much better for you too! ASN also have an amazing bundle for $79.95 of a 30 pack of the original flavour and a trial pack (7 serves) of Glow, which is perfect if you want to try both! Plus, if you use my code SOPHIE10 at the ASN checkout (or mention my blog at your local ASN Vic store) you’ll get a nice little discount too! Happy sweet, sweet coffee drinking.

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