I’ve always been a fan of Dyson products, and I remember being SO excited when I finally got my own Dyson vacuum cleaner (and also realised how old I was getting thanks to this being an exciting milestone in my life).

For me it was definitely worth investing the money in a tool which would help me cut down on cleaning time (and with a better end result), but with hair which is naturally quite smooth and straight I wasn’t convinced that for the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer the $499 starting price tag was worth it.

So, IS it worth the type and the investment? Yes!

Read on to learn more and find out why.

About the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

Developed over 5 years, Dyson tested over 1,010 miles (over 1,600km for the rest of the world) of wavy, straight and curly hair. They tested the effects and potential damage of heat and drying, the impacts of brushing as well as the effects of colours and chemicals. During this time they build an insane 600 prototypes, with the 599 “failures” each meaning going back to the drawing board and re-inventing until it was perfect.

Intelligent Heat Control

As part of their studies, they found that high drying temperatures cause structural damage to the hair, which also causes hair to not reflect light properly and look dull. To combat this issue, they developed an intelligent heat control system which measures the air temperature 20 times per second! If the air gets too hot, then the system will cool down the heating element, resulting in a consistent temperature and ultimately resulting in healthy and shinier hair.

Powerful Dyson V9 Motor

As with all Dyson tech, the Supersonic hair dryer features a super powerful motor, and provides airflow at 105 mph (again 168kmh) for fast drying and styling.

  • Magnetic attachments for quick and easy styling adjustments:
    • Dyson Smoothing nozzle for styling & wide air dispersion
    • Dyson Diffuser for evenly dispersed hair around ringlets and curly hair, stimulating natural drying and helping
    • to reduce frizz
  • Dyson Styling Concentrator for precise styling
  • 3 speed settings:
    • fast drying
    • regular drying
    • styling
  • 4 precise heat settings:
    • 100°C Fast drying and styling
    • 80°C Regular drying
    • 60°C Gentle drying
    • 28°C Constant cold
  • Easy to clean; simply twist and release to clean the filter
  • Negative ions to help reduce static
  • 2.7m salon length cable
  • Power: 1,600 watts
  • Airflow: 41L per second
  • Weight: 700g

The verdict

As mentioned, I was pretty sceptical about this product. I knew Dyson products were amazing, but is this hair dryer really $499 amazing or are the reviews and the hype just a bunch of hot air (heh)?

After just one use, I was blown away (another one) by the results! As I mentioned, my hair is naturally pretty straight and well behaved, but I could definitely notice a different after just the first use. My hair felt soft, smooth and lighter all day, like I’d just been to the hairdressers, and it was noticeably so much shinier!!

Another random feature that I really love is the cord – the coating is super thick and it doesn’t tangle AT ALL in the draw…which is actually amazing!

I would definitely recommend this hairdryer to anyone who can afford it, especially if you have damaged hair or hair which is especially prone to frizz and dryness.

If you want to learn more about the features of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer check out their site as they have lots of super informative videos on the science and tech behind the product, as well as instructional videos on how to use.



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