Recently my I decided to have my first ever psychic reading experience with Adriana. I’ve known her for a while, and I love her work and how she’s also so down to earth (she also guest wrote a guide on meditation, check it out here).

My experience

While I’ve never had a reading before, I love tarot cards and the spiritual side to life and so I was interested to see what I’d be told. I had the option of being able to pick something to focus on, but I just wanted to see what would come up!

All I had to provide was a photo (you can find out more about how she works in the section below) and my name and it was conducted via chat online. I won’t share details of the reading, but a lot of what she brought up about me was very true and I loved all of the information she passed on to. She also provided some advice and practices which would be beneficial for me, which I agreed will be great for me to implement too.

I think even if you’re not a complete believer in readings or the spiritual side of life, things like this including even tarot readings can be great to talk through things and analyse your life and what you think you need to work on.

Overall I loved the reading with Adriana; she was very insightful, I loved her energy and I’ll definitely be taking on board the advice she mentioned!

Pyschic Reading Experience with Adriana Bramante

About Adriana:

If you’re interested in your own reading, or you’d like to find out more about Adriana, she also answered some quick questions for me to provide some more clarity about what’s involved in her readings below.

How are your psychic readings performed and how do they work?

I do my readings via Instagram or Facebook messenger so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, I do all my work online. I just go by a recent photo of my client. I don’t use and cards of any kind. I just need to know a name and a face. I don’t hear Spirit the way you would hear a person talking, I hear Spirit as a voice inside my head. The same applies with my visions; I don’t see in the physical realm but just as images in my minds eye.

How did you get started on this path?

I’ve been meditating for 4 years now which has opened up a lot of doors for me into the spiritual world. In my first year of meditating, I came out of my practice one afternoon and heard a voice (which was Spirit but I didn’t know at the time until 3 years later) telling me to go to India. I could feel a physical force/push telling me to go. I started freaking out and crying because I didn’t know what was going on. Long story short, i listened to it. I went to India for 1 month and I haven’t been the same person since. After I got back I kept getting drawn to Reiki Healing. Through consistent practice of Reiki on myself and my clients, it the led me to doing my psychic readings.

How do you perform your Energy healings and psychic readings?

My energy healings and psychic readings both work in the same way. I connect and channel to Spirit and allow Spirit to work through me using me as a conduit. My Reiki healings involve symbol activations to each individual chakra using energy to help re-balance them. As for my readings, I simply just look at the photo of my client and Spirit will start communicating with me.

What do clients typically gain from your readings?

Whether you’re after some clarity or some over all guidance, my readings will be of an assistance. The purpose of my readings is to offer:

  • higher guidance and help identify blockages in your life
  • potential outcomes of certain situations
  • clarity of relationship issues what and who to be cautious of
  • identify what inner healing needs to be addressed and worked on in order to progress in your life
  • assist in identifying health issues and diseases
  • identify if you have any spiritual protectors or negative energies attached to you or your aura
  • communicate with deceased or living loved ones

Pyschic Reading Experience with Adriana Bramante 2

Connect with Adrianna

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