Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake Recipe

Protein pancakes, strawberries and chocolate… Is there a better combo?!

I think not!

I’ve tried lots of different protein pancake recipes: simple eggs + banana + protein powder, versions with oats, premix versions… But my absolute favourite I’ve tried so far is the Protein Bread Co Protein Pancake mix!

They use lupin flour as a base, so the mixture seems like a “real” version (those who have tried lots of higher protein alternatives of things will know what I mean!) while still being higher in protein and lower in carbs. They also have plant based mixes too.

The great thing about pancakes (apart from them just being pancakes) is you can make so many different versions too. Although with that said, this dark choc chip + strawberry is my favourite choice! Obviously the addition of chocolate chips makes it higher carbs, which is only an issue if you’re wanting a more keto friendly version (or cutting back on sugar)… But for me they’re a small trade off for a big reward – which I think is key for a long term and sustainable approach to healthy and balanced eating.

They’re super simple to make, all you need is:


  • 1/4 cup The Protein Bread Co protein pancake mix (the total packet makes 30 pancakes/10 serves)
  • 1/4 milk of your choice (I use almond milk)
  • 1 egg
  • 20g dark chocolate chips (Cadbury ones are my fave)
  • 5 strawberries, sliced
  • 2 tbsp coconut yoghurt (Co-yo is my fave one, it’s perfect for this recipe too as it’s thicker like whipped cream)
  • Walden Farms Maple Syrup

Protein Pancake Mix Recipe

To make

  1. Oil the pan with coconut oil, and heat on a high heat
  2. Wait until the pan starts smoking before reducing the heat; this “seals” the pan and prevents the mixture sticking – this was included in the packet instructions and has finally meant I’ve been able to cook pancakes perfectly (they were always a massive fail before!)
  3. While the pan is heating mix together the pancake mixture, egg, milk & chocolate chips
  4. Pour the mixture into the pan, into 3 small pancakes
  5. While they are cooking, slice the strawberries
  6. Flip the pancakes once cooked on one side to cook the other
  7. Finally, layer the pancakes with strawberries, top with a generous dollop of co-yo and then drizzle over the syrup!

Serves 1


Approx 415 cal, 25g carbs, 24g fat, 25g protein

For the mixture only:

Protein Bread Co Vegan Protein Pancake Mix Review

If you’re wishing to try out this protein mix yourself, or any of the products from the Protein Bread Co use BEAUTIFULEXISTENCE10 for 10% off your purchase! Plus if you’re wanting to try the syrup too, you can use my iHerb code (valid for 1st time use only) VKB808 for 5% off! Bargains and pancakes – winning!


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Chocolate Chip Protein Pancake Recipe


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